Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weatherwax spelling variations

A recent email received indicates that a family member who currently spells their surname as: "WITHERWAX" feels that my book is incorrect. This individual does not question the line of descent I present, only the fact that I have spelled their use of the surname as both WEATHERWAX, and WITHERWAX. They cite personal documentation (after USC1930) as proof of their spelling. I do not disagree with this person and acknowledge that their spelling is correct for them. But their records and documents after USC1930 were not available in the preparation of my book and fall into the area of personal privacy that I would not publish.
Please be aware that if you order my book the following is the surname header for all family members used in the index
Also be aware in the researching of this family Genealogy over 55 spelling variations were found and documented. These variations are all presented within the book to assist other researchers.

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