Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Julia Weatherwalks b:1840

Julia Weatherwalks b:1840 NY,probably in Cromwell,Orange co NY. She was the daughter of Philip Weatherwalks and wife Mary. An additional marriage was found for her to a: John Thompson on 30 Jul 1858 in Passiac co. NJ. Her second husband as listed in my book was Charles Warner they married on 6 Sep 1884 in Pompton,Passiac NJ. I will now try to confirm and children for these couples.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weatherwax and Cipperly families

During my work on The Weatherwax Genealogy 1710-1930 it became clear there were multi generational marriages and connections to the Sipperly/Cipperly family. I saved this data as my research grew and now am working on a Sipperly/Cipperly Genealogy. This other Palatine family started with the family of  Bernhard Zipperle (Hunters list #844). Like our Weatherwax family numerous spelling variations and miss spellings of the surname exist. Migration patterns for this family as very similar to the Weatherwax family as well.
If you have any Sipperly/Cipperly data you are willing to share or a question etc feel free to share them here. I am also working on the Cipperly/Sipperly message boards at Right now I believe I have over 2000 of this family identified and linked back to Bernhard. This will be a much smaller book than the Weatherwax book. I may also start another project in the future on the Grauberger family.

Monday, April 2, 2012

1940 U.S. Census release day

Today at 9am DST NARA will release the 1940 US Census for use. Groups such as will be downloading the images for indexing. This should take most of the day for the over 3 million images involved. Volunteer indexers are needed to create the name index for easy searching of this census. You can volunteer at to help index this census.
 For us old timers finding our ancestors in USC1940 is just like using Microfilm and viewing a geographic location page by page. Those newer to Genealogy will find this method tedious and probably tiresome. Hence the need for Volunteers to index the census. Join the effort anf sign up at to index. It is easy and you can do as little or much as you want.
Good luck finding our ancestors
Wayne E. Weatherwax