Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weatherwax and Cipperly families

During my work on The Weatherwax Genealogy 1710-1930 it became clear there were multi generational marriages and connections to the Sipperly/Cipperly family. I saved this data as my research grew and now am working on a Sipperly/Cipperly Genealogy. This other Palatine family started with the family of  Bernhard Zipperle (Hunters list #844). Like our Weatherwax family numerous spelling variations and miss spellings of the surname exist. Migration patterns for this family as very similar to the Weatherwax family as well.
If you have any Sipperly/Cipperly data you are willing to share or a question etc feel free to share them here. I am also working on the Cipperly/Sipperly message boards at Right now I believe I have over 2000 of this family identified and linked back to Bernhard. This will be a much smaller book than the Weatherwax book. I may also start another project in the future on the Grauberger family.

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