Friday, December 21, 2012

Weatherwax family members who were appointed as Postmasters by the U.S. Postal Service. Recently offered the records of appointments to the position of Postmasters in the U.S.
The following are some early appointments
Benjamin Weatherwax-Eatonville,Herkimer co.NY-17 Feb 1849
George Weatherwax-Jenisonville,Ottawa co MI-29 Jan 1873
J.D. Weatherwax-Teton,Choteau co MT-10 Jul 1884
Charles... H. Weatherwax-Placerville,El Dorado co,CA-14 May 1890
Martin E. Weatherwax-Port Kent,Essex co.NY-23 Jun 1892
Eugene Weatherwax-Somerset Center,Hillsdale co,MI-25 Nov 1893
Delia A. Weatherwax-Port Kent,Essex co,NY- 25 Nov 1895
Horace G. Weatherwax- Nyhart,Bates,??- 21 Nov 1896
In total the search revealed 16 family members who have served as U.S. Postmasters. This provides another source of documentation for your and our family ancestors as well as providing residential information. Always looks for new and unusal sources to help document your families history

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