Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thanks to the efforts of Linda Wilbur my cousin in Michigan a correction can be made to the family of Alexander A. Weatherwax and wife Ruth Sterns. Located on page 222 of my book.
Listed as #1247 is Catherine or Cates Weatherwax b: 26 May 1821. This is an error she did not exist.
What should be included is the following.
Coles G. Weatherwax or Witherwax b: 26 May 1821
Source of correction are photo copies of actual Alexander A. Weatherwax Bible pages (pg 679). It is not confirmed if he was born in NY or MI. His mother Ruth Sterns died when he was 9 months old in 1822 in MI.
Coles would marry a Margaret L. Cheyeman (Cheeseman) c1842. They had five known children.
1. James A. Witherwax 1843-1843
2. Josiah S. Witherwax 1844-1859
3. Margaret M. Witherwax 1847-1870
4. Ephraim B. Witherwax 1850-????; marr:Luella M. Fitch
5. Mary Elizabeth Witherwax 1856-1858

Most of this family are buried in Wurtemburg Cemetery Rhinebeck,Dutchess co NY. Also known as St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery. Note that most of the family died between1858-1859.
 The two children Margaret and Ephraim lived longer.
Coles is found living with his inlaws,in the household of Cole Cheyeman in USC1850 in the village of Clinton,Dutchess co NY. I have not been able to locate him in any other USC. By 1877 his son Ephraim has moved on to the SD and IA area where his son James W. Weatherwax was b: 7 Dec 1877.
I have located two extracts of letters of Administration that name Coles  one dated 1856 and the other dated 1859. I will have to look up these documents to see what is contained in them.
I had previously found Coles and his family but could not confirm his parentage until Linda Wilbur
indicated that we both had miss read the Bible pages in our research. So in the next edition of The Weatherwax Genealogy this correction and any additional information will appear.
Anyone with additional information please let us know so we can update our Databases.

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