Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The research on the Weatherwax Ancestral land purchased by Andreas Weatherwax in 1765 continues. Right now I do know that his son Martinus or Martin Weatherwax sold the farm he inherited from his father to James Brookins. Deeds found in Troy NY this summer indicate that in November 1792 Martin Weatherwax sold 185 acres of land for 600 pounds colonial money. This land was located along the Main road in Schaghticoke. Today this is NY Rte.40 located between Speigletown and Melrose. Since both Martinus and his brother Hannes both owned property with deed records originating in Albany co NY, and later deed records located in Rensselaer co NY. This pretty much is convincing proof that the original lands were in the Schaghticoke area, not at the Tomahannock Reservoir. It appears that the research cited in my book by R. Arthur Johnson (deceased) contains errors in actual location of these lands. Additionally Petrus or Peter Weatherwax is buried in the Brookins Family cemetery on NY Rte.40. I visited his grave this summer. The Cemetery is on a hillside on Rte. 40. The location of the Brookins family cemetery is adjacent to what was known locally as the Brookins family home . The Brookins family lands passed on to his son Wooster Brookins.
The sale of the property by Martin Weatherwax in Nov of 1792 matches with his migration to Clinton co NY by 1794 where he purchased a 300 acres farm adjoining his brother David Weatherwax's 300 acre farm. Also joining the migration was Benjamin Weldon and his wife. The Weldon's and Weatherwax's were members of Gilead Lutheran Church where their children were baptized. And Benjamin Weldon's wife was Hannah Goewey the sister of Martin Weatherwax's wife Elizabeth Goewey. When Martins wife Elizabeth died abt 1800 he remained widowed until 1805. When Benjamin Weldon died in 1803, Martin was appointed executor of Benjamin's estate. In 1805 Martin married Hannah Goewey. Marriage records were found in the records of First Lutheran church of Albany for the 1805 marriage

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