Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hazlett P. Weatherwax Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy

A Brief Bio of Hazlett Paul Weatherwax.

Born 25 Oct 1907 in Honolulu Hawaii (Territory) to Charles S. Weatherwax and Agnes M. Bookstover. His father migrated to Hawaii (Territory) on 7 Nov 1891 traveling from San Francisco CA onboard the S.S. Australia. The passenger manifest indicates he was a Photographer.
Hazlett grew up in Hawaii and attended St. Louis College in Honolulu prior to his appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1927. He attended Annapolis and graduated in June of 1931 with the Commission of Ensign U.S. Navy.
His first duty station was on the Destroyer USS Childs. In 1932 he was transferred to the USS Leary.
Then reassigned to the Battleship Mississippi as a Division officer. From 1937 through 1939 he studied Ordnance and Engineering at the US Naval Postgraduate school at Annapolis, MD. When World War II broke out he was stationed aboard the USS Alexander Dallas.
In March of 1942 he was assigned to the Fore River Yards of Bethlehem Steel Company in Massachusetts. He reported to assist in the fitting out and commissioning of the Battleship USS Massachusetts (BB-59) As a member of the original crew he became what is know in the Navy as a "Plankowner" After shakedown operation Massachusetts departed for French Morocco, where "Mamie" participated in the action at Casablanca. After being damaged Mamie returned to the U.S. for repairs and was then reassigned to the Pacific Fleet and took part in operations against the IJA/IJN at Russell Island, Munda, New Georgia, Solomon Islands and the Gilbert Islands.

Hazlett served in many other Commands and positions in the U.S. Navy. He is the highest ranking member of the Weatherwax family within the U.S. Military. He was promoted to Rear Admiral on July 18,1958. He would continue to serve in many different capacities until July 1,1966 when he retired from the U.S. Navy. He retired to his home on the Potomic River in Alexandria,VA. Less than a year later he would die of a heart attack while working on his boat.
From 1711 when our immigrant ancestor Johan Henrich C. Wiederwach volunteered for the Militia in the Palatines to Canada campaign until present day our family  has fought and died for future generations to preserve our nation for all Americans. In every Armed conflict of War there have been Weatherwax family members ready to defend and protect our nation, and today many still serve proudly preserving our family heritage in service to our country.

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