Friday, December 12, 2014

Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax 1955-2014
Ken Weatherwax more famously known for his role of Pugsly in the Adams Family TV Series died at his California home.
 Son of: William M. Weatherwax (1904-1986)  and wife Margaret  M. Keeler. Both the Keeler and Weatherwax families were in various parts of the entertainment industry. Margaret's sister Ruby Keeler was a well know dancer and movie actor. Ken's family were of course famous TV and Movie animal trainers, and his Grandfather Walter S. Weatherwax was in the early motion picture industry in California. It appears from published obits online that his mother had a prior marriage and a son named Joseph Donald Vieira who is listed and Ken's half brother. I know Ken had a website that I used to check on every once in awhile, don't know if it is still active. I don't know if Kens mother is still living, but did find death and burial records for his father. Always a loss for even distant family members passing.


  1. Is Oscar-winning film editor Paul Weatherwax (1900-1960) directly related to the Walter S. Weatherwax family of Hollywood animal trainers?

  2. Margaret danced under first name Marjorie. She married George Viera in Las Vegas April, 1941.
    (write up can be read in the Milwaukee Journal, April 28, 1941 {large picture of couple})

  3. She died in North Hollywood November 11, 2001

  4. I am a cousin of the weaterwax/keeler family. My great grandmother was Charlotte Keeler. Aunt Margie was always so much fun, same with her sister Gertrude ♡ I have contact with her granddaughter Shannon (Joey's daughter) to this day.