Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arthur W.B. Weatherwax +2647 spouse correction

Pages 427,617-618 of The Weatherwax Genealogy apply

+2647 Arthur W.B. Weatherwax (8555) shows as being married to Elizabeth Della Waid (8560).

The name of his wife needs to be corrected as follows:
She was: Della L. Holbert;b:Sep 1898 in Marion WV. Her parents were: George B. Holbert and Lillie Dale Freeman.Matching her and her parents and Grandparents in various USC, along with her sister living as single with her in USC1920 corrected her maiden name.
Further research on the Eliza Delia Waid previously sited shows conclusively that she could not have been Arthurs wife due to her age (est 12yrs old)when Arthur's children were born. Previous researchers have continued to show this error which needs correction.
After the death of her mother Lillie Dale Freeman, Della was left living with her grandfather; John W. Freeman (USC1910 in Winfield,Marion WV)
Both Arthur and Della died in Sarasota co. FL. Arthur on 15 Mar 1980 in Bradenton and Della on Dec 2001 in Sarasota.

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