Friday, May 20, 2011

James Montville Weatherwax 1837-1907

Often known as Montville Weatherwax he is also identified in his sons marriage record as Jonas M. Weatherwax.
In June of 1860 he registered for the draft in Sturgis,MI.; next line below is for a Charles Weatherwax (possible relatationship?) both are single farmers ages 20 and 28 respectively. I sent for a copy of his CSR hoping to identify his parentage. He enlisted on 22 Aug 1864 and was discharged in Pulaski,TN on 10 June 1865.
His CSR uses the names Montville and James M. Weatherwax. His parents are simply identified as Mechawin Weatherwax and (?) Seabolt for his mother. He married Adelaide I. Stephenson on 5 Sep 1869 in Centerville,MI (MI Marriage record found). In USC 1870 he is living in White Pigeon,MI as a stone mason. In USC1880 we find him and his 2 children: Lathrop and Frank Weatherwax.
He applied for and was granted an Invalid pension on 5 Sep 1884 for his servie in H Co., 8th Cav MI.
In USC 1900 he is in Muskegan,MI with wife Adeliade and son Frank.
He died 14 Aug 1907 in Ionia,MI. He is buried in White Pigeon,MI (MI Death record found)
His line appears to have died out with his grandson Leighton Weatherwax son of Lathrop who died in Trinity, CA. 1965. No known descendants from son Frank who had 2-marriages have yet been found. Tracking him shows that his age is consistently different in the various records found. His dob range is from 1834-1837 depending on the record found.
There is no identifiable Mechawin Weatherwax or any Seabolt marriage connection I can find in MI records so far. Anyone with any information please contact me
Wayne E. Weatherwax

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