Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Macy Weatherwax #3313,pg521

New research indicates she married Rollin J. Limbert on 23 Nov 1910 in Summit,OH. He was b:10 Nov 1891;d:c1960 Norristown,Chester co. PA. The following children have been identified for this couple:
1.Grace Limbert b:1912
2.Rollin Maxwell Limbert b:1913
3.Lawrence Limbert b:1915
4.Marian Limbert b:1918
5. Donald Limbert b:1920
There is a birth record found on database, but the transcription contains errors
her Father is listed as Edward vice Edgar and the mother is listed as Maggie Hott vice Holt. The transcription indicates her given name as Marie, later USC census records with her father show her as Macy Weatherwax. Even later USC records with her husband list her as Maisie Limbert.
Macy died1984 in Norristown,montgomery co. PA.

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