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Children of Andrew Weatherwax 1700-1784 and Anna Barbara Loscher

The last child born to this couple was
Andrew Weatherwax b: 16 May 1737 (Family Bible record) he was baptized on 22 May 1739 in St. Paul's Lutheran Church Red Hook NY. He married Catharina Reisdorff on 17 Dec 1762 at the Albany Reformed Church in Albany NY. This couple had ten known children, all grew to adulthood and married. He appears on the Tax rolls of 23 Oct 1779 for Schaghticoke, but later moved to the area of present day East Greenbush, Rensselaer co. NY. His family farm still exists and is the site of the Weatherwax Family cemetery.(located on private property owned by the Bink family)
He and many of his family area all buried there. There is a listing on this cemetery on the USGENWEB page for Rensselaer co NY. He wrote a Will on 1 Feb 1821 (a transcription is on the Rensselaer county website). In the History of Sand Lake records there is a letter he wrote dated 2 Feb 1824 indicating he wants to manumet his slave named Jacob Brown, age 21yrs,born unto him a slave. So this is the 2nd known instance of Slave ownership in the family history. It is worth noting that NY passed a law requiring all slave be freed by 1826. Also note that he indicates that Jacob was born unto him a slave indicating he may in fact had at least Jacobs mother as a slave as well!
Andrew died 16 May 1824, and is buried on his farm. His Will written 1 Feb 1821 and probated 22 May 1824 is available.
This was the last known child born to Andrew Weatherwax and his first wife Anna Barbara Loscher. Note that although he was born in 1737, it was not until 1739 two years later that he was baptized. I believe his mother died shortly after his birth and that the baptismal record was after her death. No proof of that but it fits Andrews next marriage and children.

Wayne E. Weatherwax Author
The Weatherwax Genealogy 1710-1930

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