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Johan Andreas Wiederwach 1700-1784

Johan Andreas Widerwachs son of the immigrant later known simply as Andrew Weatherwax was born in the Rhine Palatinate around 1700. No known birth record was found for him. He with his parents and siblings traveled down the Rhine river to Rotterdam in 1709, eventually arriving in England. The Palatines were loaded aboard ships in Dec of 1709 in England and waited until April of 1710 before the fleet departed for NY Colony. Our family arrived in NY in Jul of 1710.  Over 700 of the Palatines died either enroute or awaiting departure from England. All the Palatines were placed in a Camp on Nutting Island until the fall of 1710. In the Fall of 1710 they were again placed on ships for settlement in the Hudson Valley. Two camp were set up. West Camp was located near present day Sugerties NY in Ulster county, and East Camp was located in present day Germantown NY in Columbia co. Our family was settled in East Camp.
Andrew's father Henrich lost his 1st wife and one son either during the voyage or shortly after arrival in NY. He would re-marry in 1711 and start a second family in NY.
Andrew the oldest would eventually become the largest progenitator of Weatherwax descendants. By his two marriages he would produce 19 children. Most but not all Weatherwax's will descend from his line.
Andrew would marry first Anna Barbara Loscher on 9 Nov 1724 at the Kingston Reformed church in Ulster co NY. Together they would produce 9 children. After their marriage they lived in Manor Livingston for a short time by 1726 he would settle in Red Hook village and become one of the original settlers of present day Red Hook, Dutchess co NY. He would remain there in Red Hook until abt 1764.
In 1737 his last child by his wife Anna Barbara Loscher was born, shortly thereafter it appears she died. He was left with 9 children to raise. Sometime about
1738/39 he would marry for a second time to Joanna Edeli. No record of this marriage has been found, but based on other evidence this marriage probably took place in Red Hook or Rhinebeck NY.
By his second marriage her would have an additional 10 children.
In 1764/1765 Andrew had viewed some available land near Tomahannock Creek in Present day Pittstown,Renssselaer co NY. On 20 Jul 1765 Andrew negotiated the purchase of 1/3 interest in a plot of land covering 8,602 acres located along Tomahannock Creek. For this he paid the sum of 1320 pounds colonial currency.
Ref: Deed book 9, pg 175 Albany County deeds. It is evident that he had been in the area prior to this purchase. He then moved all of his 2nd family north to Tomahannock Creek property.
On 28 Jul of 1766 Andrew placed an advertisment in Weyman's New York Gazette
indicating he had land and lots for sale, he is referenced as Andries Wiederwax in this publication.
Most of the children by his first marriage would remain in Dutchess,Ulster counties of NY, a few like last son Andrew b:1737 would settle north in Rensselaer co.
It is worth remembering that except for Ulster and Dutchess counties NY all other areas were part of the huge county called Albany. In fact Rensselaer county would not be established until 1792.
Andrew wrote a Will dated 18 Jan 1780 while at Tomahannock Creek. This will appears in Fernows Calendar of Wills. His Will was probated on 10 May 1784 in  court at Albany NY. No exact date of death has been found for Andrew but it most probably  it would be April or early May 1784.
Land record research by Arthur Johnson (deceased) provided additional documentation of the Tomahannock Creek property. Today all this land is under the Tomahannock Reservior which is located on NY rte 7 in Pittstown NY. This Reservior serves the city of Troy NY. I have been to this location many times and no identifieble gravesite has been found for Andrew, it is either underwater or unmarked. The only identifiable cemetery located on the S.E. side of the Reservior contains no Weatherwax tombstones.
It is also worth noting that the Tomahannock area was sometimes consider a part of either Schaghticoke or Pittstown NY.
Wayne E. Weatherwax Author
The Weatherwagy 1710-1930

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