Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great new on They have begun posting Wills and Probate records on their website. This is a great resource for searching family history. A quick check this morning revealed many states now available, not all yet fully indexed. I did a quick search and ended up with about 50 pages of Wills and probate records to add to my database. Many were in far away states in the West where I would never get to local records to check. These of photo and microfilm images of original documents so are a primary source. Also remember to use the various spelling variations not just Weatherwax! i.e. Wetherwax,Witherwax,Weatherwalk,Watherwax etc.

For me the good news was finding the Probate file of J.D. Weatherwax in MT. This files confirms my belief that J.D.,s son Edward T. Weatherwax failed to mention or include J.D. Weatherwax's native wife Tailfeather Woman and their Blackfeet children as lawful heirs to his estate, but claimed the whole estate for himself and his brother. Not being a lawyer I dont know if this was legal at that time (1887). Also be aware many of these files have numerous documents, some as few as one or two. So you will have to go through and select the most pertinent ones to use.
Good hunting

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